Employer branding

Employer branding is important when seeking to attract and retain the best employees. This is a subjective opinion of current, former and potential employees about the organisation as a good place to work. Companies with a strong employer brand save on recruitment costs, have lower turnover rates and acquire higher trust of Clients. We are among the first in Lithuania to have explored the importance of the employer’s brand and we regularly deepen our knowledge in seminars. If you decide to invest into employer branding, we can take care of the implementation of the following services:

  • Conduct an internal employer brand study by interviewing current employees.
  • Carry out an external employer brand study by interviewing a chosen group of potential employees, students and former employees.
  • Identify the most important factors determining an attractive employer’s brand.
  • Choose and provide individual measures for improving the employer branding.
  • Prepare an employer value proposition.
  • Take care of the selection of advertising, IT and communication partners and project coordination.