Senior Product Manager

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Our client – Trafi are building connected mobility solutions for people, cities and companies to move towards a more balanced and sustainable future. They want to encourage the global shift to shared mobility systems that are managed by cites, enhanced by companies and used by people everywhere, including generations to come.

Within the context of Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) – a companies collective conscientiousness for social and environmental factors and employee retention challenges, the Trafi for Business solution enables corporate organisations to take control of their mobility footprint while offering their employees a seamless and hassle-free user experience across a wide range of mobility services.

Trafi For Business mobility solution comprises 2 main components:

  1. The Mobility App – a mobile app enabling employees to consume integrated mobility services through a seamless user experience
  2. The Mobility Management Portal – a desktop portal enabling employers to allocate and manage employee mobility budgets, track usage and gain insights

They are looking for passionate and experienced Product Manager, who will drive the development of our flagship product (the mobility application part). You will be part of a full-stack product team, working alongside design & engineering colleagues.



Also there are some soft skills that they value. Trafi would like you to

The rest is what all great product professionals should have: exceptional problem solving, communication and decision making skills, empathy, business acumen and get things done mindset.


Additional information

The recruitment process is due February 11th. Contact person – Milda, +370 630 28 818,