Frontend Engineering Guild Manager

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Wix – a leading cloud-based development platform that has 180 million users in 190 countries, empowering everyone to express themselves and build their online presence. Company is known not only for their products and technologies, but also for their culture that values and supports employees.

The Frontend management team is composed of managers in Wix’s main offices in Lithuania, Israel & Ukraine. Each manager is responsible for the local efforts in his office and collaborates with the rest of the team on global efforts. Together, they work on efforts such as managing the recruitment processes, building and maintaining the crash course every developer in Wix goes through, building junior/interns training programs, leading internal community events such as webinars, workshops, and temporary swaps between teams which gives people wider context. In addition, they lead across Wix forum of developers where each group has at least one representative (aka FED Guild Masters forum), working on defining standards and maintaining them all over Wix.

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The recruitment process is due October 29th. Contact person – Milda, +370 630 28 818,