Successful managers of modern companies understand that consistent and innovative management of a company team is necessary to ensure successful performance in a constantly changing market. After all, the business world does not stand still: it is constantly evolving in response to rapid developments in technology, as well as in people’s thinking and needs. Unfortunately, not every manager can devote enough time and effort to devise and implement a proper human resources strategy, so talent management consulting and training become a valuable and efficient way to save a lot of resources that can be directed to other areas of the company’s business. For these reasons, efficient personnel management is important for both small and large companies.

What is Talent Management?

Talent management involves selecting, recruiting and organizing staff to get the most value for your company or organization. Effective recruitment ensures the smooth running of the company, helps to achieve the desired results in the best possible short time, avoids additional costs for employee training, and wastes time searching for new employees.

Talent management is a very broad area of activity for any employer. It covers both the management of employment contracts, the company’s recruitment plans, and the assessment and selection of new recruitment needs. At the same time, it includes evaluating the efficiency of existing employees, guiding them in the right direction for your business, employee learning and training, skill development, setting salaries, and, of course, effective internal communication and feedback mechanisms.

A talent management system must have the following elements:

  • Clearly defined goals for the company or organization;
  • Suitable employees willing and able to achieve these goals together;
  • The norms and values that exist in your company or organization that have a significant impact on employee behavior and encourages or hinders them from seeking your business goals;
  • Comprehensive system of employee training, development, and motivation
  • An effective internal communication system that provides feedback between managers and the rest of the staff.

Personnel management requires strategic thinking and constant innovation

Given the many different dimensions of human resources management, it becomes clear that, in order to be effective, talent management requires a comprehensive strategic thinking. This need is further reinforced by the growing gap between the demands of the modern market players and the long-established employer beliefs and practices. Market research shows that modern candidates care about much more than salary – they pay special attention to:

  • Opportunities for development;
  • Work team and team atmosphere;
  • Company culture and meaning of activity;
  • Communicating with the company’s employees;
  • Employer brand and its individual components (employer brand value attributes, such as social responsibility, work-life balance, etc.).

In order to meet such a wide variety of candidate and employee expectations, an integrated talent management strategy is needed, beginning with clearly-defined objectives and ending with a detailed implementation plan. As a strategic partner for your company, Amston is ready to develop a suitable value-creating strategy together with you.

Talent management strategy must also include the need for prudently selected and implemented innovations in human resources management to ensure that your company runs smooth and can continue to grow. The need for innovation is driven by the changing candidate and employee expectations. For example, today it can be seen that more and more candidates and employees expect their employer to engage in their career organization, provide innovative skills development solutions, ensure an efficient and transparent internal communication system, and establish and maintain a psychologically healthy atmosphere in the workplace. The changing aspirations of the candidates also create the need for an authentic and original employer brand (to this end, we provide our clients with an extensive package of employer branding services).

Our talent management services

Our direct duty is to work with people, finding out their needs and knowing their qualities. If the current talent management innovations seem hard to understand and their effectiveness hard to evaluate, we are ready to help and explain everything in a language you understand.

Today, no one doubts that the success of any company or organization is directly dependent on the people who work for it. Thus, our talent management services provide one of the most important things that determine the smooth running of your business – a motivated employee who matches your needs, working in the right position for their skills and interests, and able to act and create value for your company, team, and customers.

Effective human resource management process, if it is not limited to keeping personnel records and calculating payroll, is probably the most important factor influencing business success. High-quality personnel management services help you to achieve the desired results in the shortest possible time, set the appropriate deadlines for tasks and avoid unintended interference that delays selection and recruitment processes.

If you decided to improve the performance of employees and the whole company by enhancing personnel management processes, we can help you implement the following human resource-related projects:

  • Conduct HR audit in order to evaluate the effectiveness of human resource management processes.
  • Assess the current situation on the basis of chosen key performance indicators (KPI) and establish objectives of HR management activities.
  • Provide consultations by choosing and implementing the best human resource management system.
  • Prepare an action plan for human resource management according to planned changes in an organisation.
  • Review the organisational structure and ensure job roles and responsibilities are clear.
  • Create job descriptions according to job positions.
  • Coordinate the implementation of effective staff search and selection process.
  • Review and improve recruitment and outplacement procedures.
  • Review and improve employees onboarding and orientation programme.
  • Conduct employee opinion, job satisfaction surveys.
  • Create employee performance evaluation system.
  • Prepare executives and employees for annual performance appraisal interviews.
  • Carry out a training needs’ survey and provide consultations in order to choose the best lecturers and companies.
  • Prepare and coordinate employer branding programmes.
  • Facilitate the identification of company’s values and work principles.
  • Provide consultations of an organisational psychologist in case of more difficult situations.

Each of the services listed above meets the needs of the modern labor market and the changes that occur therein due to the ever-changing society, employee expectations, thinking, values, aspirations, environmental conditions, and so on. As a strategically-minded recruitment agency, we are committed to ensuring that our talent management innovations meet the highest standards and are continually updated in the light of newly acquired expertise.

If talent management innovations are the area your company is not ready to go into, our services will allow you to quickly get acquainted with the innovative solutions that are relevant to your business and identify the optimal ways in which such solutions can be realized in your company.

Our consulting activities and other services

Understanding that human resource management is a complex and extremely wide-ranging business dimension, we are committed to helping our customers consolidate and develop their understanding of the most effective personnel management solutions and best practices. To this end, we provide talent management consultations and training, which can become one of the best investments in the prosperity of your company and employees.

As market experts, we can consult both those offering employment opportunities and those seeking employment. We regularly advise on how to set a mutually-acceptable pay, how candidates and employees can develop professional qualities or skills. We organize training and help you with employee assessment. Most of our consultants have psychologist competencies and are able to properly assess the needs and abilities of our clients and offer them the most effective solutions. Such employee evaluation takes place during the meeting by providing the candidate with questions, sample situations, and/or psychological tests.

In addition, the Amston team is made up of specialists from various sectors of the economy, and we consult our clients according to their specifics and context. Therefore, by providing an overview of the best talent management practices and relevant innovations, we guarantee that it will meet your business needs and market trends.

A large number of consulting activities are integrated into staff selection services. As we look at our clients as long-term partners, we are committed to help them with a variety of talent management issues. We are ready to offer consultations as soon as the need arises. We are always eager to help our candidates to find the job they want and to find the right employees for their businesses.

The goal of our team is to find answers to all your staff management questions. We’ll help you identify:

  • Possible causes of inefficiency in team dynamics;
  • Your company culture and climate;
  • The demand for skill development and employee training;
  • Employee job satisfaction and motivation.

Based on the results, we will provide clear suggestions and solutions that will allow you to effectively optimize your company’s talent management systems. Having provided your company with such advice, we are ready to monitor the implementation of the identified solutions and help you meet any future challenges.

If your company or organization is just about to take the first steps towards having a well-designed talent management system, let us accompany you in this journey.

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