As a strategic partner to the employer, we are ready to help our clients meet the challenges of the future labor market. Our recruitment training services carefully examine the key trends of the modern labor market, from changing candidate expectations to the automation of recruitment, and help develop competences and practical skills necessary to manage these trends.

In the current labor market, company leadership needs to recognize that the talent management function is a strategically important area of business activity. Amston recruitment training will help to realize the strategic potential of effective talent management. All our recruitment training services are tailor-made to meet the precise needs of our clients; in general, the full package of services we provide includes:

  • Identifying recruitment goals and objectives
  • Identifying recruitment criteria and requirements for candidates
  • Optimizing recruitment tactics (channel selection, duration)
  • Evaluating CVs and cover letters
  • Conducting effective interviews (both on telephone and live)
  • Providing feedback to candidates
  • Ensuring positive candidate experience
  • Applying technological innovations in recruitment, where appropriate

Our recruitment training is based on the dynamics and trends of a particular client’s business sector. Each Amston team specialist is an expert in a particular area of the economy. During our training, global recruitment tendencies are interpreted in the context of the client’s particular business activity, thus ensuring the relevance of the training and the meaningfulness of the acquired competences and the practical skills that are formed.