Strategic recruitment is the most direct way to your business success

Search and recruitment services are becoming more and more popular as the labor market is very intense, and companies themselves are not always able to devote time and human resources to find the right talent. At the same time, more and more companies are realizing that a cheap and rushed recruitment process can actually be very costly, both in terms of time and money. This is especially true when you know that the unemployment rate in Lithuania is relatively low and increasingly more employers are experiencing difficulties in finding the right talent, regardless of their level of qualification.

In this market context, high-quality recruitment agency services are simply necessary. Properly selected new employees allow the company to operate without interruption and quickly achieve the desired results, strengthen the entire team, avoid additional staff training costs, and foster a strong employer brand.

As a professional and strategically-minded recruitment agency, we are ready to help you with all your talent selection needs – whether you are looking for just one employee or an entire team. Usually, we offer 3-4 candidates with highest professional and personal qualities and the motivation to choose from. It is important to emphasize that we guarantee to continue the recruitment effort until we can find and offer candidates who meet the needs of our clients.

We conduct search and selection in a continuous process, divided into several stages:

  • We start with role clarification.
    • Together with the client, we create a detailed job description, where we clarify the requirements for the candidate’s education, professional experience, skills, and personal qualities.
  • We create a job value proposition.
    • We get acquainted with the client’s company as an employer, distinguish the factors determining their attractiveness, and form a unique employer value proposition to attract potential candidates.
  • We search and recruit candidates.
    • We begin our recruitment by reviewing the comprehensive network of Amston Candidate Sources. Taking into account the needs and information provided by the client, we examine our contact database, portals, social networking, and referral contacts to attract candidates who are not actively planning career changes. If necessary, we create and distribute an employee search ad.
  • We meet the candidates.
    • Recruitment requires careful attention. We conduct interviews with candidates that meet the initial selection criteria to further assess how suitable their experience, skills, and knowledge are to our client’s needs.
  • We provide practical tasks and collect recommendations.
    • At our client’s request, we provide individually designed practical tasks to test the candidate’s skills required for the position. Having obtained the candidate’s consent, we also collect recommendations from former employers.
  • We select and present the most suitable candidates.
    • At the end of the process, we present conclusions about the professional abilities and qualities of the 3-5 most suitable candidates. We organize the presentation of the most suitable candidates and, at the client’s request, participate in the negotiations during the hiring process.

Employee assessment takes place during a meeting with questions, sample situations, and psychological tests. We guarantee full confidentiality and the highest level of business ethics throughout our recruitment and selection process, so we are trusted by both our clients and candidates.

What is the guarantee that our selected employee will work for your company? 

We provide you with a final list of candidates, which includes only the candidates who have become familiar with your workplace and are motivated to work for you. At the same time, we provide our candidates with a 3-6-month quality guarantee. If, during this time, the employee voluntarily leaves your company or turns out to be inadequate, we will select another motivated candidate for free.

For your convenience, we can also provide a temporary employment service, so you could have the opportunity to make sure that the employee has motivation to work. We can also provide training on how to improve the employer brand or optimize talent management.

In-house recruitment: common costly mistakes

In order to save costs, some managers use recruitment companies only for executive search. This behavior is driven by the belief that selecting a manager is more important than recruiting any other employee. In fact, recruitment agency services are just as necessary for the search and selection of non-executive professionals – first of all because they help avoid costly mistakes.

In-house staff selection always has both direct and indirect costs. First of all, it is necessary to decide how the staff is selected. Direct costs include the expenditure needed to publish a public ad online or in the press, as well as the hourly costs of conducting candidate interviews. Indirect costs include the interruption of business activity – i.e., the income lost because of the shortage of a new employee. Taken together, these costs often make it more valuable to use a recruitment agency for all recruitment needs – whether at the executive level or not.

In short, recruitment costs a lot of time and money – and so, it is worth entrusting it to experts. This will allow you to find a qualified employee, executive, or even the whole team without interrupting your business at the lowest possible cost. Professionals unanimously agree that, in terms of time and financial costs, finding and hiring employees for job vacancies is a loss for the companies themselves, and they are increasingly calling for assistance from recruitment agencies.

Amston recruitment agency, operating in Vilnius and Kaunas, is ready to help with any talent management issues. If you have any questions, please contact us at +370 696-32900 or by email to or visit our office at Gedimino pr. 45-3 (Vilnius) and Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 37 (Kaunas). We will answer any questions you may have, advise, and assist you with any recruitment and talent management needs.

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