Recruitment and executive search

These are the stages of recruitment and executive search we follow:

  • Establishment of selection requirements. Together with the Client, we prepare a detailed description of a job vacancy by defining the requirements for the Candidate’s educational background, professional experience, skills and personal qualities.
  • Definition of employer value proposition (EVP).We familiarise ourselves with the Client’s company, single out factors determining its attractiveness as employer and formulate an employer value proposition to attract potential Candidates.
  • Search and attraction of Candidates. We look through the database of Amston contacts as well as contacts received from career portals, social networks and on the basis of recommendations in order to attract not only active Candidates, bus also passive ones who are not actively planning career changes. If need be, we draw up and disseminate job advertisements.
  • Meetings with Candidates. We conduct interviews with Candidates, who meet the requirements, in order to assess them more thoroughly and substantiate their suitability with regard to experience, skills and knowledge.
  • Practical tasks and reference check. If the Client so wishes, we provide individually created practical tasks with the aim of verifying the skills necessary for a vacant position. Upon receipt of the Candidate’s consent, we check the references from former employers.
  • Presentation of the most suitable Candidates. We provide conclusions about professional abilities and employment-relevant qualities of the 3-5 most suitable Candidates. We organise presentation of the most suitable Candidates and, should the Client so wish, take part in negotiations regarding employment conditions in the recruitment process.