Human resource consulting

Effective human resource management process, if it is not limited to keeping personnel records and calculating payroll, is probably the most important factor influencing business success. If you decided to improve the performance of employees and the whole company by enhancing personnel management processes, we can help you implement the following human resource-related projects:

  • Conduct HR audit in order to evaluate the effectiveness of human resource management processes.
  • Assess the current situation on the basis of chosen key performance indicators (KPI) and establish objectives of HR management activities.
  • Provide consultations by choosing and implementing the best human resource management system.
  • Prepare an action plan for human resource management according to planned changes in an organisation.
  • Review the organisational structure and ensure job roles and responsibilities are clear.
  • Create job descriptions according to job positions.
  • Coordinate the implementation of effective staff search and selection process.
  • Review and improve recruitment and outplacement procedures.
  • Review and improve employees onboarding and orientation programme.
  • Conduct employee opinion, job satisfaction surveys.
  • Create employee performance evaluation system.
  • Prepare executives and employees for annual performance appraisal interviews.
  • Carry out a training needs’ survey and provide consultations in order to choose the best lecturers and companies.
  • Prepare and coordinate employer branding programmes.
  • Facilitate the identification of company’s values and work principles.
  • Provide consultations of an organisational psychologist in case of more difficult situations.

We believe that human resource management is important both for small and large companies. HR management process, which is appropriately shaped, implemented and controlled, can contribute to better performance of the company and employees.