How do you find a job that meets your expectations? 

  1. Be sincere about what kind of work you enjoy.

Do not copy others – you are the only one who knows what your interests are, where you can realize your talents and get the best results.

If you have experience in more than one area of work, you should decide which career directions are closest to you. If you notice that your work does not bring you joy – regardless of how good you may be at it – look for the reasons why that is and remove them or shift to a career path in line with your hopes and dreams.

A dream career may seem unrealistic and very difficult to achieve. This need not be the case. A dream can be fulfilled by turning it into a clear purpose – so, do not worry yourself with the question of how to find a job. Rather, review your goals, priorities, and talents – this will help you objectively assess your situation and set out on a rewarding career path.

  1. Clarify your strengths and interests

For job seekers, we recommend taking an empty sheet of paper and listing:

  • The tasks do you do most easily and the reasons why that is
  • The personal qualities that help and hinder your career
  • Your preferences about working in a team versus working alone
  • The experience that helps or hinders your work performance

Define the limits of competence in detail and consider whether they have prepared you to chase your dreams. Maybe there is a lack of knowledge that you can easily add by attending professional seminars? Perhaps you could augment your portfolio and skills by volunteering in your spare time? Look for the right solutions and the way forward.

With a good understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, you can easily distinguish which offer is right for you, making the entire job search process less worrisome and smoother. This will also allow you to drop hesitations that cause anxiety and may hinder your success at crucial moments.

  1. Do you meet the employer expectations?

With a list of your options and clear expectations, look at the employer’s requirements and check whether you meet them. Be calm: even if you lack a certain specific and non-essential skill, you can easily convince your employer that you are the specialist they need by showing willingness and dedication to grow and learn new skills.

For those looking for a job, we recommend reviewing as many similar ads as possible for the position you want. This will make it easier for you to understand what qualities are most important for employers and which are only secondary. At the same time, it will help you grasp and clarify what makes you unique. Perhaps the prevailing understanding of the market does not reveal some important aspects of your profession? Be sure to highlight your unique experiences and demonstrate how they make you an outstanding candidate.

If the job requirements do not match your competences and expectations, do not despair. It might simply not be the right place for you – but the search for your dream job continues. Weigh pros and cons: after all, neither the employer nor you want only a temporary and unpleasant cooperation.

Executives always search for employees in whom they can notice passion and dedication to their profession. If the job on offer cannot inspire such feelings, do not lie to yourself or others – keep calm and carry on. 

  1. CV and cover letter – do not be boring

We understand that not everyone has the talent to present themselves in an original and captivating way. If your muse speaks only through numbers, formulas, and algorithms, entrust this work to others. But remember that your curriculum vitae must be authentic and present your true potential, otherwise it will be no more than a smoke screen.

In your CV, list experiences that are important specifically for the position you are applying for. Do not cram too much into the CV. Present your career experiences in a consistent, logical, and understandable way.

The cover letter cannot be copy-pasted and boring. You should capture the reader’s attention with the very first sentence and keep it until the last one. It is not an easy task, but it is not impossible – the most important thing is to stay sincere and not to pretend who you are not.

  1. The secret ingredient of visualization.

For those seeking employment, even a couple of unsuccessful initial interviews can decrease motivation and create anxiety that blocks the path forward to success.

Maybe you have heard about sportspeople using visualization as a motivational tool? As it is said, you won’t build a home unless you see it in your mind. The same applies for building a career – you need to clearly see and feel what you want.

Visualize how you get a positive response and a rewarding offer. Feel it as if it were real and accept your wishes. Let them realize in the best way you might not have thought about.

  1. Coming, seeing, winning

A successful job search can come from such simple factors as not hesitating and communicating sincerely, without overestimating your opportunities, and not taking ill of former employers. Attitude is important: an ocean lies between being confident and being arrogant. Any employer will easily feel if your position is aggressive and will resist – after all, the employer is also looking for a congenial team member.

For those looking for a job, it is important to remember that the path to your dream profession is impossible without self-knowledge. Only with a clear understanding of your potential and value will you be able to present and fascinate your employers without much fear.


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