Business success depends fundamentally on a competent and responsible manager. The executive is both the team leader, the face of the company to external audiences, and the key person to balance the daily tasks of the company with the strategic aspirations of shareholders. Therefore, if you need to change or hire a new manager, it is extremely important to ensure that your business is handed over to reliable hands. In such cases, effective executive search and recruitment become the top priority. Our market experience and unique executive recruitment expertise enables us to recruit professional and trustworthy managers ready to lead the entire team to business success.

What makes it easier to find the right candidate for an executive position?

Executive search is a responsible and extremely time-consuming work. Finding the right candidate for the executive position can be quite difficult because of both time constraints and limited expertise in the subject. This is precisely why executive search agencies prove to be so valuable to businesses. Companies that specialize in executive recruitment have specific candidate databases and can deliver preliminary search results within a few days. Certainly, to make the process easier and faster, a more specific and shorter list of candidates is required. As the so-called shortlist includes only those candidates who already meet desired selection criteria, this service greatly saves our clients’ time and effort. All that is needed is the close cooperation with the recruitment agency and precise requirements for candidates for the executive position.

Our expertise in executive search allows us to offer you the opportunity to quickly and effectively discover your best manager match. While conducting the selection of executive in Lithuania, we always cooperate with the organizational psychologists. More than 70% of our recruitment consultants also have background in psychology.

When will clients be provided with a list of potential candidates?

The labor market is currently very intense, and many companies are understaffed. Knowing that executive search is often a matter of top urgency, this clearly presents some problems. For this reason, we are ready to submit a longlist of potential candidates in just 2-3 days. Candidates on this list will not yet be informed about the opportunity to work specifically in your company until the Client reviews them and approves all suitable candidates.

Then, we will hold interviews and other assessment for all suitable candidates, ultimately producing a shortlist containing only the top selections. The shortlist – i.e. the more specific results of executive search – will be delivered within 2-3 weeks. As this list will include only candidates who are motivated to work for your company and who meet your personal and professional requirements, you can confidently expect a suitable match. The shortlist usually includes 3-4 candidates; this number guarantees that the further selection of managers will be smooth and efficient.

Recruited candidates will receive a 3-6 months guarantee. If the manager leaves the company during this period or does not meet the expectations of your company for personal or professional qualities, we will choose another suitable candidate free of charge – in other words, we guarantee that the executive search will meet your needs.

What makes companies attractive to the best executives?

In order to attract top executive talent, companies need to offer a holistic value proposition. As with every employee, the executive cares about all aspects of your company: corporate culture, professional and friendly team, social responsibility, the purpose of the company activity, and, certainly, adequate pay. As a professional and strategic recruitment company, we are ready to help you prepare an effective employer value proposition that covers these and other company features.

How is Executive Search conducted?

We start with role clarification.

Together with the client, we create a detailed job description, where we negotiate the requirements for the candidate’s education, professional experience, skills, and personal qualities.

We create a job value proposition.

We get acquainted with the client’s company as an employer, distinguish the factors determining their attractiveness, and form a unique employer value proposition to attract potential candidates.

We search and recruit candidates.

We begin our recruitment by reviewing the comprehensive network of Amston Candidate Sources. Taking into account the needs and information provided by the client, we examine our contact database, portals, social networking, and referral contacts to attract candidates who are not actively planning career changes. If necessary, we create and distribute an employee search ad.

We meet the candidates.

Recruitment requires careful attention. We conduct interviews with candidates that meet the initial selection criteria to further assess how suitable their experience, skills, and knowledge are to our client’s needs.

We provide practical tasks and collect recommendations.

At our client’s request, we provide individually designed practical tasks to test the candidate’s skills required for the position. Having obtained the candidate’s consent, we also collect recommendations from former employers.

We select and present the most suitable candidates.

At the end of the process, we present conclusions about the professional abilities and qualities of the 3-5 most suitable candidates. We organize the presentation of the most suitable candidates and, at the client’s request, participate in the negotiations during the hiring process.

Is recruitment a one-off service?

It is worth noting that our services are not one-off – our partnership does not end with a successful hire. Together with the search and recruitment services, we also provide talent management recommendations. We can also at any time professionally advise you and help you deal with employment issues.

We look at our clients as long-term partners and always communicate with them warmly. We provide a full range of human resource consultations. As long as elected candidates work at your workplace, we are committed to ensuring close cooperation and quality support.

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