Every strategically-minded company needs to constantly invest a lot of effort into making its employees as professional as possible. This requires an efficient system to measure employee development – in other words, it calls for clear and well-thought-out employee assessment criteria. Given this need, Amston offers its customers a balanced package of employee evaluation services.

Why do you need staff evaluation?

The Lithuanian labor market, much like markets globally, is undergoing fundamental changes. Rapidly developing state-of-the-art technologies change the nature of work, eliminate or creating demand for different employees, competencies, and skills, and require constant adaptation by employers and employees. In this context, it is crucial to ensure an adequate level of competence and continuous improvement of staff and candidates. This is particularly important in IT, trade, finance, and manufacturing sectors – in other words, in those areas of the economy, which today generate the highest added value for Lithuania.

It is for this purpose that companies need effective employee assessment, enabling them to determine the level of competence of existing staff and potential candidates, and to clarify areas where staff development is required.

Employee assessment criteria: what qualities should be considered?

Before giving an employee assessment service, we first talk to the client and find out his specific expectations. The employee assessment service is used in order to test and select the best applicants for a new position or determine the current staff’s need to learn as well as deepen the knowledge and skills in a chosen area. We are certified to apply tests validated for use in Lithuania. Using these tools, we can assist in the assessment of employees:

  • Verbal literacy and numeracy skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Logical and analytical thinking
  • Accuracy and attentiveness
  • Sales and negotiation skills
  • Team work roles
  • Personality and compatibility with the environment
  • Leadership skills
  • Resistance to stress

How is employee assessment organized and conducted?

Employee evaluation criteria are rather subtle – they need prior knowledge because the needs of each client are different. Employee evaluation in our company is carried out by experienced professionals, most of whom also have psychological competences. Because employee evaluation criteria can be very different, our specialists discuss them individually with each client.

Employee evaluation takes place in the following stages:

  • Individual client consultation: assessing the need for specific competences and skills in candidates, as well as the need for new skills and competences for current employees
  • Homework assignments for candidates: general or specific aptitude tests, target questions for candidates, different work situations designed to identify their possible behavior and attitude in the workplace

After completing the evaluation of the candidates, we narrow down the list of suitable candidates and usually leave you with a choice of 3-4 candidates who are right for your company and who best meet all your desired characteristics.

Employee evaluation and excellent candidate experience

Knowing that the various skills and abilities tests can be stressful to the candidates, our employee assessment services are designed to ensure a good candidate experience. We guarantee quality and useful feedback to the candidates and enable them to showcase all their professional strengths. In Europe, it is precisely these aspects of the recruitment process – feedback and opportunity to be heard – that are considered one of the most important guarantors of good candidate experience.

We firmly believe that good candidate experience is a mutual goal for both the employer and the candidate. In today’s market, a company that offers good experience to candidates during the recruitment process is understood as an attractive and modern employer. This reputation immediately creates a specific value for the company:

  • A good candidate experience allows you to stand out from your competitors and increase your chances of success
  • A good candidate experience forms a good image of your company as an employer
  • A good candidate experience increases the likelihood that a candidate will start using your company goods or services. On the contrary, bad experience can encourage a candidate to choose your competitor’s goods or services
  • A good candidate experience can become an organic advertisement for your company. Contemporary candidates willingly and actively share their impressions and experiences on social networks. So, if your company leaves a really good impression on the candidate, a number of other professionals and potential candidates will find out.

Are employee evaluation criteria analyzed in the light of work experience abroad? 

Recently, we began observing a trend that professionals, who have lived abroad and obtained high labor qualifications there, increasingly seek to return to Lithuania. Work experience gained abroad is often extremely useful – it is taken into account by almost every professional manager. Knowing that international experience is one of the most important criteria for employee evaluation, every candidate should mention such information in their curriculum vitae.

 If you have any questions about employee assessment, please contact us at: tel. +370 696 32900 or email by email info@amston.lt