Time saving solution
to attract candidates

While looking for a new employee around 38% of the recruitment process is spent on:

  • Creating job ads;
  • Publishing of the job ad in various channels;
  • Administrating the email of the applications;
  • CV analysis and filtering.


A team of experienced professionals

Guaranteed data protection

At any part of the process

Creating job ads
We create attractive job ads

You pay only for what you actually need

Smooth communication
One of the main reasons for successful recruitment

Work with CVs
CV selection and filtering

We are always seeking for the most effective ways to optimize the recruitment process

Clear pricing
Choose the right plan

How does this work?

AmstonPool client service model guarantees the quality of the service

Create and publish

We create an attractive job ad. We publish on the largest Lithuanian job portals, to guarantee that it reaches the widest audience.

Communicate smoothly

We provide consultations in any part of the recruitment process. If requested we screen candidates by phone and invite them for interviews.

Evaluate and refer them to you

We gather, analyze, and filter all of the CVs and send you only the best ones.

Choose from

449 € + VAT

Everything that is needed for a fast and successful partial recruitment.

  • Job ad creation
  • Job ad posting
  • CV gathering
  • CV filtering
  • Presenting CVs

from 589 € + VAT

We facilitate phone screening and invite the best candidates for an interview.

  • Job ad creation
  • Job ad posting
  • CV gathering
  • CV filtering
  • Presenting CVs
  • Feedback for the candidates
  • Creating candidate application forms
  • Recommendations
  • Phone screening
  • Invitations for interviews

We provide consultations at any part of the recruitment process to ensure your success.

About AmstonPool


Today, Amston counts nearly a decade of recruitment experience. Throughout these years we witnessed how employers have become better at personnel recruitment and selection –  today, hiring managers themselves can decide on who to invite for an interview, how to conduct interviews, and how to negotiate candidate salaries.

That is, they can – if they attract enough good CVs! Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

Here, employers approach recruitment agencies that offer a full package of recruitment services to receive a larger number of CVs to choose from. This is a time and cost saving solution, as most businesses do not need permanent full-cycle recruitment services. This is also why we created AmstonPool – to help you efficiently get the best opportunity to find the right people for your success.