Amston is a talent management agency providing recruitment and executive search services for business customers in various sectors, including IT, finance and accounting, human resources, sales, administration, and others.

Leveraging our specialized understanding of business problems and challenges, we help find and recruit talent that enables our clients to fulfill their business goals.

Talent search and recruitment often takes time due to inadequate sourcing or selection criteria. When these processes are protracted, they may seriously hinder your business. Therefore, a recruitment agency that guarantees speed and accuracy is a very valuable partner for the employer seeking to avoid such hassle. To make our search and recruitment services fast and efficient, we maintain and continuously develop a wide network of professionals from various fields, who seek to grow professionally and are open to new opportunities.

Our deep experience in the market has shown us that recruitment is a strategic business activity. Therefore, we are ready not only to fully evaluate and offer the right candidates for our clients, but also to take additional steps for our clients’ success as their strategic partner in talent management.

In short, if you are looking for a high-value recruitment agency in Lithuania, you have come to the right place.

Our purpose


We connect business and people to help them achieve success – together.

Who we are


An ambitious and efficient team of experienced and specialized recruitment and talent management professionals.

Our Excellence


Customer experience – we provide high quality services and pay special attention to every client.

Candidate experience – we treat each candidate as the most important one – both in recruitment stage and afterwards.

Specialized consultants – each of our recruitment consultants specializes in a specific field of economy – IT, finance and accounting, human resources, sales, administration, etc.